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o Accounts with Inventory Software
o Packed with Best Features
o No Need Accounts Knowledge
o Easy Data Entry Method

21/01/2010 - Ver  (91.1 Mb)
What is new...

* Sales Bill - VoucherName wise Billing Facility
* Maintenance Purchase Group added in P&L, applied in purchase bill
* In Sales Bill, adding Agent Commission in Journal made optional
* In Purchase Bill, adding Agent Commission in Journal made optional
* Inventory Voucher Type System added. By this option In every inventory
  screen, you can filter displaying Items list by Item Code
* 3 type of Sales Bill type added - Material Bill, Service Bill, Rental Bill
* Sales Bill prefix also added 3 types
* No of Due Days option added for Customer/Supplier and applied in
  Sales/Purchase Bill

17/01/2010 - Ver  (91.1 Mb)
What is new...

* Back-up facility added
* Few bugs cleared
* File size decreased with some coding features

01/01/2010 - Ver  (96.6 Mb)
What is new...

* Billwise settlement added in Accounts Entry also
* Supplier Payment - Billwise Part payment facility added
* Contra Screen Modified
* Customer Bill Due Days - 30/60/90 Days Format Display added
* Supplier Bill Due Days - 30/60/90 Days Format Display added
* Service Based Item Creation facility added
* Few bugs cleared

General Features

o High look Graphical User Interface
o .NET based New Technology Package
o Wide veriety sections like Company, Suppliers,  Customers,   Accounts, Payroll, Job Work, 
      Utilities, Accounts Reports and  Inventory Reports
o Online Support & Customer Care
o Many more features...

Company Features

o Unlimited Company Creation
o User Rights in each and every screen
o Unit Master - Create own unit of measurements
o Automatic Year end process - No need manual interruption
o Excel export facility in all screen
o Dos mode print in all screen

Stock Maintenance

o Single Stock System/Company wise Stock System option
o Negative Stock Maintenance
o Unlimited Item Creation
o Kit Master - Very useful for Manufacturing Unit like Grinder Assembling unit, Garment Unit
o Daily Kit Production Entry - Employee wise - Only input  number of finished products. Its raw
      material automatically deduct from stock
o Employee wages Report as per their production based
o Daily Stock Usage Entry
o Price List for periodically update your items prices. Keep old item prices also. You can select any
      Price list in Sales Bill
o Stock Ledger View for particular period. You can see last month stock position also
o Low Stock Alert window at application start up
o Change all product/service price in one place


o Supplier Purchase Order - Print in your letter head
o Purchase Delivery Challan
o Purchase Bill - Direct, DC, Purchase Order based Purchase Bill
o Current Stock Information, Supplier Balance, Total Purchase of month Details in Purchase Bill
o Agent Commission in Purchase Bill
o Any number of Tax, Any type of Tax, Expense entry in Purchase Bill
o Bill to Bill Payment
o Supplier Bills Due days for payment
o All Supplier list with Total Purchase of year, their current balance
o Purchase Price Group facility


o Customer Order Entry
o Delivery Challan
o Sales Bill - Direct, DC, Customer Order based Sales Bill
o Current Stock Information, Customer Balance, Total Sales of month Details in Sales Bill
o Agent Commission in Sales Bill
o Sales Executive information in Sales Bill for their incentive amount
o Any number of Tax, Any type of Tax, Expense entry in Sales Bill
o Three type of Sales Bill Printing - Data only Dos mode Print, A4 sheet dos mode full Print, Rich
      Windows Report Print
o Retail Sales Bill for fast Bill Entry
o Customer Monthly Balance Statement - Agent wise, Line wise, Customer Place wise List
      with their pending Bill Details (In Excel, Dos Mode print format)
o Customer Bill to Bill Receipt Entry
o Customer Pending Bill Due days list
o Customer Price Group facility
o All Customer list with Total Sales of year, their current balance


o Any number of Ledger/Group Creation
o Ledger/Group Sorting option for Ordered Output in Print
o Voucher Type Structure Creation
o All Ledgers Opening change in one place
o Optional All Ledger Print out in year end
o While Inventory Section Entry, Automatic posting of Purchase, Sales, Payment, Receipt Entry in
      Accounts. No need repeat entry in accounts
o Ledger Balance as on Entry Date/Closing Date option
o Journal, Contra, Sales, Sales Return, Purchase, Purchase Return, Payment, Receipt, Debit Note,
     Credit Note - Available Voucher types
o Single Entry system for Cash Payment, Cash Receipt
o Account Cash Adjustment Entry facility
o Cash Book, Day Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet - Excel/Dos
      Mode Print out option
o All Ledger List


o Employee Master
o Daily Attendance
o Employee Permission Entry
o Attendance Summary
o Leave Entry
o Monthly Salary Statement
o Employee Debit Entry
o Pay slip Print
o Sales Executive Tour Info

Job work

o Job Work Order
o Raw Material Output Entry
o Raw Material Return Entry
o Finished Product Input Entry
o Job Work Bill
o Job Work Bill to Bill Payment
o Pending Bill due days list
o All Contractor list with Total Job Work of year, their current balance

Accounts Reports

o All Accounts Report in Excel/Dos Print format

Inventory Reports

o Date to Date Purchase Report
o Date to Date Purchase Return Report
o Sales Order Reports
o Date to Date Sales Reports
o Date to Date Sales Return Reports
o Material Movement Chart
o Partywise Turn over report
o Material Usage Report
o Kit Production Report
o Job work full Process Report
o Sales Executive Incentive Report
o Date to Date Profit Report
o Monthly VAT Return Report
o Various General Reports

easyaccount main screen
Balance Sheet
Main Screen
Balance Sheet
Sales Bill
Sales Bill
Stock Ledger
Cash Adjustment Entry
Cash Book
Cash Payment
Customer Statement Print
Day Book
Fin Year Management
Profit & Loss Statement
Trial Balance
Purchase Bill