1. Can I Install easyaccoutns in Vista Or Windows 7?
Yes. Easyaccounts compatible with Vista and Windows 7
2. After Installation Easyaccounts on Vista, when run easyaccounts, show below error. What can i do?
Please follow below instruction to solve your problems..

a. Uninstall easyaccounts from your system

b. After uninstall,  Right Click Setup.Exe from downloaded files

c. Select 'Run as Administrator' command from menu. Easyaccounts should be installed with administrator privileges on Vista.

d. After install, go to installed folder ex. C:\Program Files\easyaccounts\easyaccounts\

e. Right Click easyaccount.exe

f. From that menu, Select 'Run as Administrator'
    Now easyaccounts run without error. First time you should do like this.
3. How to Configure LAN Setting in on Vista/XP?
Please click here for details... To download in MS-Word format Click here