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What is new...

01/03/2010 - Ver  (91.5 Mb)

o New Sections like JOBWORK OUTWARD, JOBWORK INWARD created
o Job Work Order, Raw material outward, Input DC, Sub Order Bill, Sub Order Bill Due Days list,
     Sub Order Payment, Sub Order Party List, Sub Order Party Ledger - Screens added in
o Raw Material Inward, Job Card Entry, Daily Item Usage Entry, Production Entry, Outward DC,
      Jobwork Bill, Bills Due Days List, Receipt, Job work Receiables - Screens added in JOBWORK
o For creating pre-budget in business, new Budget Screen added
o Cost Centre Screen added for using in expense, daily item usage entry screen
o Customer Call Register added for registering customer call for complaints, customer material
      requirement and other customer related entry
o New Material Rental Screen added for lending the material like computer, machinery etc.
      You can give material rent for particular period from this screen
o New Service Contract Screen added for Service based company. For example computer
       service for AMC - Annual Maintenance Contract, Warrenty based monthly/yearly service
o Client's forth coming service list report for particular period to maintain service perfectly
o Reminder for Service Contract Ending to renew the service

21/01/2010 - Ver  (91.1 Mb)

* Sales Bill - VoucherName wise Billing Facility
* Maintenance Purchase Group added in P&L, applied in purchase bill
* In Sales Bill, adding Agent Commission in Journal made optional
* In Purchase Bill, adding Agent Commission in Journal made optional
* Inventory Voucher Type System added. By this option In every inventory
  screen, you can filter displaying Items list by Item Code
* 3 type of Sales Bill type added - Material Bill, Service Bill, Rental Bill
* Sales Bill prefix also added 3 types
* No of Due Days option added for Customer/Supplier and applied in
  Sales/Purchase Bill

17/01/2010 - Ver  (91.1 Mb)

* Back-up facility added
* Few bugs cleared
* File size decreased with some coding features

01/01/2010 - Ver  (96.6 Mb)

* Billwise settlement added in Accounts Entry also
* Supplier Payment - Billwise Part payment facility added
* Contra Screen Modified
* Customer Bill Due Days - 30/60/90 Days Format Display added
* Supplier Bill Due Days - 30/60/90 Days Format Display added
* Service Based Item Creation facility added
* Few bugs cleared

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